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The crosstalk between NuMA and multiple mitotic partners instructs division orientation in mammalian cells 1
Investigating the multidimensionality of abstract concepts through a multidisciplinary approach 1
Structural and biochemical investigation of human collagen lysyl hydroxylases 1
Weak Structuralism, Mutual Grounding and Quasi-Thin Objects: Steps Towards a New Taxonomy of Reality 1
Development and optimization of versatile screening methodologies in the context of DNA-encode chemical libraries 1
Targeting Nrf2 and NF-kB signaling pathways to counteract degenerative processes by new molecular entities 1
The Structural and Functional Characterization of Mammalian Flavin-containing Monooxygenases using Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction 1
Pragmatics in the lifespan and in clinical groups: Investigating the development and decay of pragmatic skills and designing strategies to train them 1
Biochemical aspects of Neurodegeneration: an overview of Metal-Protein Interaction 1
Engineered immunocytokines for an optimized payload delivery at the site of disease 1
Impaired osteoblasts homeostasis and matrix quality in Osteogenesis Imperfecta are rescued by 4-phenylbutyrate 1
Going on the road of antimycobacterial drug discovery: new, old, repurposed drugs and mechanisms of action. 1
ALS-linked FUS mutation reduces DNA Damage Response activation through RNF168 signalling pathway 1
Biochemical and structural studies on Monoamine Oxidases and UPD-Glucuronic acid 4- epimerase 1
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