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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Factors influencing the repair costs of soft story RC frame buildings 1-gen-2015 Agha Beigi, H.; Sullivan, T.; Christopoulos, C.; Calvi, G
Feasibility study for in-situ dynamic testing of structures and geotechnical systems 1-gen-2021 Calvi, Gian Michele; Moratti, Matteo; Dacarro, Filippo; Andreotti, Guido; Bolognini, Davide
FRACAS: A capacity spectrum approach for seismic fragility assessment including record-to-record variability 1-gen-2016 Rossetto, Tiziana; Gehl, Pierre; Minas, Stylianos; Galasso, Carmine; Duffour, Philippe; Douglas, John; Cook, Oliver
Fragility and sensitivity analysis of steel frames with bolted-angle connections under progressive collapse 1-gen-2021 Rodr('i)guez, D.; Brunesi, E.; Nascimbene, R.
Hysteretic damping of wood framed buildings 1-gen-2003 Filiatrault, A; Isoda, H; Folz, B
Influence of masonry infills on the progressive collapse resistance of reinforced concrete framed buildings 1-gen-2019 Eren, Numan; Brunesi, E.; Nascimbene, R.
Influence of passive supplemental damping systems on structural and nonstructural seismic fragilities of a steel building 1-gen-2008 Wanitkorkul, A; Filiatrault, A
Next-generation non-linear and collapse prediction models for short- to long-period systems via machine learning methods 1-gen-2024 Shahnazaryan, Davit; O’Reilly, Gerard J.
A non-dimensional parametric approach for the design of PT tendons and mild steel dissipaters in precast rocking walls 1-gen-2020 Mpampatsikos, V.; Bressanelli, M. E.; Belleri, A.; Nascimbene, R.
Non-linear behaviour of masonry infilled RC frames: Influence of masonry mechanical properties 1-gen-2017 Perrone, Daniele; Leone, Marianovella; Antonietta Aiello, Maria
On the Application of Passive Control and Seismic Isolation Techniques to Cable-stayed Bridges: A Comparative Investigation through Non-linear Dynamic Analyses 1-gen-2015 Martínez-Rodrigo, M. D.; Filiatrault, A.
Optimal seismic retrofitting of existing buildings considering environmental impact 1-gen-2022 Clemett, Nicholas; Carofilis Gallo, Wilson Wladimir; O'Reilly, Gerard J.; Gabbianelli, Giammaria; Monteiro, Ricardo
Probabilistic Estimation of Floor Response Spectra in Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Building Portfolio 1-gen-2020 Perrone, D.; Brunesi, E.; Filiatrault, A.; Nascimbene, R.
Probabilistic evaluation of earthquake-induced sloshing wave height in above-ground liquid storage tanks 1-gen-2020 Merino, R. J.; Brunesi, E.; Nascimbene, R.
Problems and certainties in the experimental simulations of the seismic response of MDOF structures 1-gen-1996 Calvi, G; Kingsley, G
Response of shear critical reinforced concrete frames and walls under monotonic loading 1-gen-2022 Hippola, H. M. S. S.; Wijesundara, K. K.; Nascimbene, Roberto
Sampling based numerical seismic assessment of continuous span RC bridges 1-gen-2016 CARVALHO MONTEIRO, R
Seismic assessment and loss estimation of existing school buildings in Italy 1-gen-2018 O'Reilly, G.; Perrone, D.; Fox, M.; Carvalho Monteiro, R.; Filiatrault, A.
Seismic fragility of Italian RC precast industrial structures 1-gen-2015 Casotto, C.; Silva, V.; Crowley, H.; Nascimbene, R.; Pinho, R.
Mostrati risultati da 16 a 35 di 40
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