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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Critical Assessment of Intensity Measures for Seismic Response of Italian RC Bridge Portfolios 1-gen-2019 Zelaschi, C.; Carvalho Monteiro, R; Pinho, R.
Critical Evaluation of Photo-cross-linking Parameters for the Implementation of Efficient DNA-Encoded Chemical Library Selections 1-gen-2020 Sannino, Alessandro; Gironda-Martínez, Adrián; Gorre, Émile M D; Prati, Luca; Piazzi, Jacopo; Scheuermann, Jörg; Neri, Dario; Donckele, Etienne J; Samain, Florent
Critical Overview and Application of Integrated Approaches for Seismic Loss Estimation and Environmental Impact Assessment 1-gen-2021 Caruso, M.; Bianchi, F.; Cavalieri, F.; Silva Moura Pinho, R.
A critical review of the R.C. frame existing building assessment procedure according to eurocode 8 and Italian seismic code 1-gen-2008 Mpampatsikos, V.; Nascimbene, R.; Petrini, L.
Critical storm thresholds for significant morphological changes and damage along the Emilia-Romagna coastline, Italy 1-gen-2012 ARMAROLI, CLARA; C., and Ciavola; P., and Perini; L., and Calabrese; L., and Lorito; S., and Valentini; A., and Masina
CRITICAL STUDIES/BOOK REVIEWS of Geoffrey Hellman and Stewart Shapiro. Mathematical Structuralism. Cambridge Elements in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Pene- lope Rush and Stewart Shapiro, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2019. 1-gen-2020 Sereni, Andrea
Cross-validation of biomarkers for the early differential diagnosis and prognosis of dementia in a clinical setting 1-gen-2016 Perani, D; Cerami, C; Caminiti, Sp; Santangelo, R; Coppi, E; Ferrari, L; Pinto, P; Passerini, G; Falini, A; Iannaccone, S; Cappa, S; Comi, G; Gianolli, L; Magnani, G
A Cross-Validation of FDG- and Amyloid-PET Biomarkers in Mild Cognitive Impairment for the Risk Prediction to Dementia due to Alzheimer’s Disease in a Clinical Setting 1-gen-2017 Iaccarino, Leonardo; Chiotis, Konstantinos; Alongi, Pierpaolo; Almkvist, Ove; Wall, Anders; Cerami, Chiara; Bettinardi, Valentino; Gianolli, Luigi; Nordberg, Agneta; Perani, Daniela
Crossed aphasia: a PET follow up study of two cases 1-gen-1993 Cappa, S; Perani, D; Bressi, S; Paulesu, E; Franceschi, M; Fazio, F
Crossed aphasia: functional studies with single photon emission computerized tomography 1-gen-1988 Perani, D; Papagno, C; Cappa, S; Gerundini, P; Fazio, F
The crosstalk between microtubules, actin and membranes shapes cell division 1-gen-2020 Rizzelli, Francesca; Grazia Malabarba, Maria; Sigismund, Sara; Mapelli, Marina
Crowdsourcing Exposure Data for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment in Developing Countries 1-gen-2021 Grigoratos, Iason; Monteiro, Ricardo; Ceresa, Paola; Di Meo, Antonella; Faravelli, Marta; Borzi, Barbara
Crystal structures and atomic model of NADPH oxidase 1-gen-2017 Magnani, Francesca; Nenci, Simone; MILLANA FANANAS, Elisa; Ceccon, Marta; Romero, Elvira; Fraaije, MARCO WILHELMUS; Mattevi, Andrea
CT scan studies of aphasia 1-gen-1983 Cappa, S; Vignolo, La.
Cumulative risk assessment of pesticide residues in different Iranian pistachio cultivars: Applying the source specific HQS and adversity specific HIA approaches in Real Life Risk Simulations (RLRS) 1-gen-2019 Taghizadeh, Seyedeh Faezeh; Goumenou, Marina; Rezaee, Ramin; Alegakis, Thanasis; Kokaraki, Venetia; Anesti, Ourania; Sarigiannis, Dimosthenis A; Tsatsakis, Aristides; Karimi, Gholamreza
Current challenges and future trends in analytical fragility and vulnerability models 1-gen-2019 Silva, V.; Akkar, Dede Sinan; Baker, J.; Bazzurro, P.; Castro, J. M.; Crowley, H.; Dolsek, M.; Galasso, Carmine; Lagomarsino, S.; Monteiro, R.; Perrone, D.; Pitilakis, K.; Vamvatsikos, D.
Current to the brain improves word-finding difficulties in aphasic patients 1-gen-2008 Cappa, S
Cutting Across Linguistic and Regulatory Divides: on Covered Credit Default Swaps and Insurance 1-gen-2012 Monti, A
CXOU J005047.9−731817: a 292-s X-ray binary pulsar in the Small Magellanic Cloud 1-gen-2013 Esposito, P.; Israel, G. L.; Sidoli, L.; Rodríguez Castillo, G. A.; Masetti, N.; D’Avanzo, P.; Campana, S.
Cyclic analysis of wood shear walls 1-gen-2001 Folz, B; Filiatrault, A
Mostrati risultati da 638 a 657 di 3.392
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