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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Performance Evaluation of Passive Damping Systems for the Seismic Retrofit of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Subjected to Near Field Ground Motions 1-gen-2001 Filiatrault, A; Tremblay, R; Wanitkorkul, A
Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings During the 2002 Molise, Italy, Earthquake 1-gen-2004 Decanini, Ld; De Sortis, A; Goretti, A; Liberatore, L; Mollaioli, F; Bazzurro, P
Performance-based seismic design of pallet-type steel storage racks 1-gen-2006 Filiatrault, A; Bachman, Re; Mahoney, Mg
Predictive Power of Seismic Networks for Parametric Securitization and Risk Transfer: Istanbul as a Case Study 1-gen-2017 Pucciano, S; Franco, Ge; Bazzurro, P
A rational approach to the conversion of FEMA P-58 seismic repair costs to Europe 1-gen-2020 Silva, Antonio; Castro, Jose Miguel; Monteiro, Ricardo
Recorded Motions of the 6 April 2009 M(w) 6.3 L'Aquila, Italy, Earthquake and Implications for Building Structural Damage: Overview 1-gen-2010 Celebi, M; Bazzurro, P; Chiaraluce, L; Clemente, P; Decanini, L; Desortis, A; Ellsworth, W; Gorini, A; Kalkan, E; Marcucci, S; Milana, G; Mollaioli, F; Olivieri, M; Paolucci, R; Rinaldis, D; Rovelli, A; Sabetta, F; Stephens, C
Seismic Evaluation of Modular Office Furniture System 1-gen-1991 Filiatrault, A
Seismic Isolation Devices Based on Sliding Between Surfaces with Variable Friction Coefficient 1-gen-2016 Pm, Calvi; M, Moratti; Calvi, G
Seismic Response Control of Buildings Using Friction Dampers 1-gen-1993 Cherry, S; Filiatrault, A
Seismic Response of High-Voltage Transformer-Bushing Systems Incorporating Flexural Stiffeners I: Numerical Study 1-gen-2013 Koliou, Maria; Filiatrault, A; Reinhorn Andrei, M.
Seismic Response of High-Voltage Transformer-Bushing Systems Incorporating Flexural Stiffeners II: Experimental Study 1-gen-2013 Koliou, Maria; Filiatrault, A; Reinhorn Andrei, M.
Seismic Vulnerability of the Italian Roadway Bridge Stock 1-gen-2015 Borzi, B.; P., Ceresa; P., Franchin; F., Noto; Calvi, G; P. E., Pinto
Shake-table testing of a full-scale two-story precast wall-slab-wall structure 1-gen-2019 Brunesi, E.; Peloso, S.; Pinho, R.; Nascimbene, R.
Story loss functions for seismic design and assessment: Development of tools and application 1-gen-2021 Shahnazaryan, Davit; O’Reilly, Gerard J; Monteiro, Ricardo
Testing of masonry structures for seismic assessment 1-gen-1996 Calvi, G; Magenes, G.; Kingsley, G. R.
Testing Protocol for Experimental Seismic Qualification of Distributed Nonstructural Systems 1-gen-2011 Retamales, Rodrigo; Mosqueda, Gilberto; Filiatrault, A; Reinhorn, Andrei
The 2002 Molise, Italy, Earthquake 1-gen-2004 Maffei, J; Bazzurro, P
The Influence of Mexico City Soils on the Seismic Performance of Friction Damped and Base Isolated Structures 1-gen-1990 Filiatrault, A; Cherry, S; Byrne, Pm
Time-dependent seismic hazard and risk due to wastewater injection in Oklahoma 1-gen-2021 Grigoratos, Iason; Bazzurro, Paolo; Rathje, Ellen; Savvaidis, Alexandros
Towards a Capacity Design Assessment Procedure for Reinforced Concrete Frames 1-gen-1991 Priestley, M; Calvi, G
Mostrati risultati da 33 a 52 di 56
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