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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Harmonizing Seismic Performance via Risk Targeted Spectra: State of the art, dependencies, and implementation proposals 1-gen-2023 Spillatura, A; Vamvatsikos, D; Kohrangi, M; Bazzurro, P
Hazard consistent record selection procedures accounting for horizontal and vertical components of the ground motion: Application to liquid storage tanks 1-gen-2023 Kohrangi, M; Bakalis, K; Triantafyllou, G; Vamvatsikos, D; Bazzurro, P
Hazard-compatible modification of stochastic ground motion models 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Taflanidis, Alexandros A.; Galasso, Carmine
Hazard‐consistent simulated earthquake ground motions for PBEE applications on stiff soil and rock sites 1-gen-2023 Alvarez‐sanchez, Luis Guillermo; Iñárritu, Pablo García de Quevedo; Šipčić, Nevena; Kohrangi, Mohsen; Bazzurro, Paolo
Incremental dynamic analysis of woodframe buildings 1-gen-2009 Christovasilis Ioannis, P.; Filiatrault, A; Constantinou Michael, C.; Wanitkorkul, Assawin
Information theory measures for the engineering validation of ground-motion simulations 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Galasso, Carmine
Introducing new design spectra derived from Italian recorded ground motions 1972 to 2017 1-gen-2018 Calvi, G. M.; Rodrigues, Daniela; Silva, Vitor
Modification of stochastic ground motion models for matching target intensity measures 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Taflanidis, Alexandros A.; Galasso, Carmine
Near-source ground motion in the M7.8 Gaziantep (Turkey) earthquake 1-gen-2023 Baltzopoulos, G.; Baraschino, R.; Chioccarelli, E.; Cito, P.; Vitale, A.; Iervolino, I.
A new Distinct Element meso-model for simulating the rocking-dominated seismic response of RC columns 1-gen-2023 Scattarreggia, N; Malomo, D; Dejong, Mj
Nonlinear soil effects on observed and simulated response spectra 1-gen-2021 Andreotti, Guido; Calvi, Gian Michele
Numerical Simulation and Seismic Evaluation of Segmental Pipelines Rehabilitated with Cured-In-Place-Pipe Liner under Seismic Wave Propagation 1-gen-2017 Zhong, Z; Aref, A; Filiatrault, A
On the fragility of non‐structural elements in loss and recovery: Field observations from Japan 1-gen-2024 O'Reilly, Gerard J.; Hasegawa, Kan; Shahnazaryan, Davit; Poveda, José; Fukutomi, Yu; Kusaka, Akihiro; Nakashima, Masayoshi
On the seismic loss estimation of integrated performance-based designed buildings 1-gen-2022 Shahnazaryan, Davit; O'Reilly, Gerard J.; Ricardo, Monteiro
Performance-based seismic classification of acceleration-sensitive non-structural elements 1-gen-2023 Merino, Rj; Perrone, D; Nascimbene, R; Filiatrault, A
Probabilistic demand and fragility assessment of welded column splices in steel moment frames 1-gen-2015 Galasso, Carmine; Stillmaker, Kimberly; Eltit, Christian; Kanvinde, Amit
Probabilistic models for structures with bilinear demand-intensity relationships 1-gen-2019 O'Reilly, Gerard J.; Monteiro, Ricardo
A probabilistic strong floor motion duration model for seismic performance assessment of non‐structural building elements 1-gen-2021 Rodriguez, Derek; Perrone, Daniele; Filiatrault, Andre; Brunesi, Emanuele
Quantification of modelling uncertainty in existing Italian RC frames 1-gen-2018 O'Reilly, Gerard; Sullivan, Timothy J.
Revisiting design earthquake spectra 1-gen-2018 Calvi, Gian Michele
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 54
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