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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A methodological frame for assessing benzene induced leukemia risk mitigation due to policy measures 1-gen-2013 Karakitsios Spyros, P.; Sarigiannis, D; Gotti, Alberto; Kassomenos Pavlos, A.; Pilidis Georgios, A.
Anthropogenic Marine Debris assessment with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle imagery and deep learning: A case study along the beaches of the Republic of Maldives 1-gen-2019 Fallati, L.; Polidori, A.; Salvatore, C.; Saponari, L.; Savini, A.; Galli, P.
Assessment of climate impact on grape productivity: A new application for bioclimatic indices in Italy 1-gen-2023 Massano, Laura; Fosser, Giorgia; Gaetani, Marco; Bois, Benjamin
Benefits on public health from transport-related greenhouse gas mitigation policies in Southeastern European cities 1-gen-2017 Sarigiannis, D; Kontoroupis, P.; Nikolaki, S.; Gotti, A.; Chapizanis, D.; Karakitsios, S.
Exposure analysis of accidental release of mercury from compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) 1-gen-2012 Sarigiannis, D; Karakitsios, S. P.; Antonakopoulou, M. P.; Gotti, A.
Exposure Modeling of Benzene Exploiting Passive-Active Sampling Data 1-gen-2010 Karakitsios Spyros, P.; Kassomenos Pavlos, A.; Sarigiannis, D; Pilidis Georgios, A.
Health impact and monetary cost of exposure to particulate matter emitted from biomass burning in large cities 1-gen-2015 Sarigiannis, D; Karakitsios Spyros, P.; Kermenidou Marianthi, V.
Spatially explicit multimedia fate models for pollutants in Europe: State of the art and perspectives 1-gen-2010 Pistocchi, A.; Sarigiannis, D; Vizcaino, P.
Total exposure to airborne particulate matter in cities: The effect of biomass combustion 1-gen-2014 Sarigiannis, D; Karakitsios Spyros, P.; Kermenidou, Marianthi; Nikolaki, Spyridoula; Zikopoulos, Dimitrios; Semelidis, Stauros; Papagiannakis, Apostolos; Tzimou, Roxani
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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