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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
WARP^2: Wind assessment of roofs to pullout & pullover for priority cultural heritage structures in the Philippines 1-gen-2019 Song, Biao; Galasso, Carmine; Garciano, Lessandro
The Water Cycle of the Mid-Holocene West African Monsoon: the Role of Vegetation and Dust Emission Changes 1-gen-2019 G., Messori; Gaetani, M.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, Q.; Pausata, F. S. R.
Watershed Hydrological Modeling: Toward Physically Meaningful Processes Representation 1-gen-2008 Martina, M; Todini, E
We are not, fundamentally, persons 1-gen-2014 Tomasetta, A
Weak Structuralism, Mutual Grounding and Quasi-Thin Objects: Steps Towards a New Taxonomy of Reality 8-giu-2021 Bianchi, Silvia
Wear of polyethylene cups in total hip arthroplasty: a parametric mathematical model 1-gen-1998 Pietrabissa, R; M., Raimondi; DI MARTINO, E
Wearable System Based on Ultra-Thin Parylene C Tattoo Electrodes for EEG Recording 1-gen-2023 Mascia, Antonello; Collu, Riccardo; Spanu, Andrea; Fraschini, Matteo; Barbaro, Massimo; Cosseddu, Piero
A weather regime characterisation of winter biomass aerosol transport from southern Africa 1-gen-2021 Gaetani, Marco; Pohl, Benjamin; del Carmen Alvarez Castro, Maria; Flamant, Cyrille; Formenti, Paola
Weighing brain activity with the balance: Angelo Mosso's original manuscripts come to light 1-gen-2013 Sandrone, Stefano; Bacigaluppi, Marco; Galloni Marco, R.; Cappa, S; Moro, Andrea; Catani, Marco; Filippi, Massimo; Monti Martin, M.; Perani, Daniela; Martino, Gianvito
Weighing the role of social cognition and executive functioning in pragmatics in the schizophrenia spectrum: A systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2024 Frau, Federico; Cerami, Chiara; Dodich, Alessandra; Bosia, Marta; Bambini, Valentina
West African monsoon dynamics and precipitation: the competition between global SST warming and CO2 increase in CMIP5 idealized simulations 1-gen-2017 Gaetani, Marco; Flamant, Cyrille; Bastin, Sophie; Janicot, Serge; Lavaysse, Christophe; Hourdin, Frederic; Braconnot, Pascale; Bony, Sandrine
West African Monsoon influence on the summer Euro-Atlantic circulation 1-gen-2011 Gaetani, Marco; Pohl, Benjamin; Douville, Hervé; Fontaine, Bernard
What are mathematical diagrams? 1-gen-2022 DE TOFFOLI, Silvia
What electrophysiology reveals about the comprehension of multiword expressions: from syntax to semantics 1-gen-2008 Cacciari, C.; Vespignani, F.; Molinaro, N.; Canal, P.; Fonda, S.
What is an affective artifact? A further development in situated affectivity 1-gen-2019 Piredda, Giulia
What is consciousness for? From Epiphenomenalism to causal efficacy 1-gen-2002 Di Francesco, M
“What is language and how could it have evolved?" 1-gen-2017 Everaert, M; Huybregts, M; Berwick, R; Chomsky, N; Tattersall, I; Moro, A; Boluhis, J. J.
What Is Mathematical Rigor? 1-gen-2022 de toffoli, Silvia; Burgess, John
What is neuropragmatics? A brief note 1-gen-2010 Bambini, V; Bara, Bg
What is the contribution of executive functions to communicative-pragmatic skills? Insights from aging and different types of pragmatic inference 1-gen-2021 Bambini, V; Van Looy, L; Demiddele, K; Schaeken, W
Mostrati risultati da 3.890 a 3.909 di 3.982
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