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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The impact of semantic reference on word class: an fMRI study of action and object naming 1-gen-2006 Saccuman, Mc; Cappa, S; Bates, Ea; Arevalo, A; DELLA ROSA, P; Danna, M; Perani, D
The impact of urban climate change policies on health under financial crisis conditions – the city of Thessaloniki 1-gen-2013 Sarigiannis, D; Kontoroupis, P; Nikolaki, R; Solomou, E; Kermenidou, M; Karakitsios, S
The impossible chaos: When the mind cannot eliminate language structure. 1-gen-2013 Albertini, S; Tettamanti, M; Moro, A.
The Influence of Mexico City Soils on the Seismic Performance of Friction Damped and Base Isolated Structures 1-gen-1990 Filiatrault, A; Cherry, S; Byrne, Pm
The integration of parallel and serial processing mechanisms in visual search: evidence from eye movement recording 1-gen-2001 Maioli, C; Benaglio, I; Siri, S; Sosta, K; Cappa, S
The interaction between the catchment basin of the Tevere river and the structural evolution in the Umbria area 1-gen-2005 Cattuto, Carlo; Gregori, Lucilia; Melelli, Laura; Taramelli, Andrea
The Island State of the Atoll Source 4U 1820-30 1-gen-2005 Altamirano, Diego; van der, Klis; M., Méndez; M., Migliari; S., Jonker; P., G.; Tiengo, A; Zhang, W.
The L-Syntax of Verbs in the Acquisition of L1 Italian 1-gen-2006 Lorusso, Paolo
The Law of Insurance Contracts in the People's Republic of China. A Comparative Analysis of Policyholders' Rights 1-gen-2001 Monti, Alberto
The limitations and performances of different displacement based design methods 1-gen-2003 Sullivan, ; Timothy;, Calvi; GIAN MICHELE; Priestley, M. J. N. ; Kowalsky M. J.; Calvi, GIAN MICHELE
The logopenic/phonological variant of primary progressive aphasia 1-gen-2008 Gorno-Tempini, Ml; Brambati, Sm; Ginex, V; Ogar, J; Dronkers, Nf; Marcone, A; Perani, D; Garibotto, V; Cappa, S; Miller, Bl
The magnetar candidate AX J1818.8-1559 1-gen-2012 Mereghetti, S; Esposito, P; Tiengo, A; Götz, D; Israel, G L; De Luca, A
The main Geomorphosites in Umbria 1-gen-2005 Gregori, L; Melelli, L; Rapicetta, S; Taramelli, Andrea
The mirror neuron system and area 46 in the imitation of novel and practised hand actions: an event-related fMRI study 1-gen-2005 Vogt, S; Buccino, G; Wohlschläger, Am; Canessa, N; Eickhoff, S; Maier, K; Shah, J; Zilles, K; Freund, Hj; Rizzolatti, G; Fink, Gr
The multiple facets of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis:a review of probabilistic approaches to the assessment of the different hazards caused by earthquakes 1-gen-2014 Barani, Spallarossa; Bazzurro, P; Pelli,
The neural bases of word encoding and retrieval: A fMRI-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation study 1-gen-2010 Manenti, R; Tettamanti, M; Cotelli, M; Miniussi, C; Cappa, S
The Neural Bases of Social Intention Understanding: the Role of Interaction Goals 1-gen-2012 Canessa, N; Alemanno, F; Riva, F; Zani, A; Proverbio, Am; Mannara, N; Perani, D; Cappa, Sf
The neural basis of aphasia rehabilitation: evidence from neuroimaging and neurostimulation 1-gen-2011 Cappa, S
The neural correlates of noun and verb processing 1-gen-2002 Cappa, S; Perani, D
The neural correlates of verb and noun processing: A PET study 1-gen-1999 Perani, D; Cappa, S; Schnur, T; Tettamanti, M; Collina, S
Mostrati risultati da 3.473 a 3.492 di 3.837
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