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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Evaluation of Out-of-Plane Wall Anchorage Force Provisions in Buildings with Rigid Walls and Flexible Roof Diaphragms 1-gen-2017 Koliou, M; Lawson, J; Filiatrault, A; Kelly, Dj
Experimental Investigation on the Seismic Behavior of Palletized Merchandise in Steel Storage Racks 1-gen-2010 Sideris, Petros; Filiatrault, A; Leclerc, Martin; Tremblay, Robert
Experimental Seismic Fragility of Pressurized Fire Suppression Sprinkler Piping Joints 1-gen-2014 Tian, Yuan; Filiatrault, A; Mosqueda, Gilberto
Experimental seismic response of base isolated pallet-type steel storage racks 1-gen-2008 Filiatrault, A; Higgins, Ps; Wanitkorkul, A; Courtwright, Ja; Michael, R
Experimental seismic response of high-voltage transformer-bushing systems 1-gen-2005 Filiatrault, A; Matt, H
Exploring probabilistic seismic risk assessment accounting for seismicity clustering and damage accumulation: Part I. Hazard analysis 1-gen-2020 Papadopoulos, A; Bazzurro, Paolo; Marzocchi, Warner
Exploring probabilistic seismic risk assessment accounting for seismicity clustering and damage accumulation: Part II. Risk analysis 1-gen-2020 Papadopoulos, A; Bazzurro, P
Exploring Risk-targeted Hazard Maps for Europe 1-gen-2015 Vitor, Silva; Helen, Crowley; Bazzurro, P
A ground motion model for orientation-independent inelastic spectral displacements from shallow crustal earthquakes 1-gen-2023 Aristeidou, Savvinos; Tarbali, Karim; Gerard, J O’Reilly
Impact of partially non-ergodic site-specific probabilistic seismic hazard on risk assessment of single buildings 1-gen-2020 Kohrangi, Mohsen; Kotha, SREERAM REDDY; Bazzurro, PAOLO FRANCESCO
Implications of Intensity Measure Selection for Seismic Loss Assessment of 3-D Buildings 1-gen-2016 Kohrangi, M; Vamvatsikos, D; Bazzurro, P
Inelastic Higher-Mode Response in Reinforced Concrete Wall Structures 1-gen-2015 Pennucci, D.; Sullivan, T. J.; Calvi, G
Multi-Level Conditional Spectrum-Based Record Selection For IDA 1-gen-2020 Kohrangi, Mohsen; Vamvatsikos, Dimitrios; Bazzurro, PAOLO FRANCESCO
On the Seismic Fragility Assessment of Concrete Gravity Dams in Eastern Canada 1-gen-2019 Segura, Rocio; Bernier, Carl; Monteiro, Ricardo; Paultre, Patrick
On the utility of story loss functions for regional seismic vulnerability modeling and risk assessment 1-gen-2024 O’Reilly, Gerard J; Shahnazaryan, Davit
Performance Evaluation of Friction Damped Braced Steel Frames Under Simulated Earthquake Loads 1-gen-1987 Filiatrault, A; Cherry, S
Performance Evaluation of Passive Damping Systems for the Seismic Retrofit of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Subjected to Near Field Ground Motions 1-gen-2001 Filiatrault, A; Tremblay, R; Wanitkorkul, A
Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings During the 2002 Molise, Italy, Earthquake 1-gen-2004 Decanini, Ld; De Sortis, A; Goretti, A; Liberatore, L; Mollaioli, F; Bazzurro, P
Performance-based seismic design of pallet-type steel storage racks 1-gen-2006 Filiatrault, A; Bachman, Re; Mahoney, Mg
Predictive Power of Seismic Networks for Parametric Securitization and Risk Transfer: Istanbul as a Case Study 1-gen-2017 Pucciano, S; Franco, Ge; Bazzurro, P
Mostrati risultati da 17 a 36 di 56
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