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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Prioritization Scheme for Seismic Intervention in School Buildings in Italy 1-gen-2007 Grant, Dn; Bommer, Jj; Pinho, R; Calvi, G; Goretti, A; Meroni, F
Analytical Seismic Fragility of Fire Sprinkler Piping Systems with Threaded Joints 1-gen-2015 Soroushian, S.; Zaghi, A. E.; Maragakis, E. M.; Echevarria, A.; Tian, Y.; Filiatrault, A
Assessment of Continuous Span Bridges through Nonlinear Static Procedures 1-gen-2009 Pinho, R; CARVALHO MONTEIRO, R; Casarotti, C; Delgado, R
Blind predictions of the seismic response of a woodframe house: An International Benchmark Study 1-gen-2004 Folz, B; Filiatrault, A
A closer look at hazard-consistent ground motion record selection for building-specific risk assessment: Effect of soil characteristics and accelerograms’ scaling 1-gen-2023 García-de-Quevedo-Iñarritu, Pablo; Šipčić, Nevena; Alvarez-Sanchez, Luis; Kohrangi, Mohsen; Bazzurro, Paolo
Correlation of Spectral Acceleration Values of Mainshock-Aftershock Ground Motion Pairs 1-gen-2019 Papadopoulos, A; Kohrangi, Mohsen; Bazzurro, Paolo
Correlation of spectral acceleration values of vertical and horizontal ground motion pairs 1-gen-2020 Kohrangi, M.; Papadopoulos, A.; Bazzurro, P.; Vamvatsikos, D.
Cost-benefit analysis of buildings retrofitted using GIB systems 1-gen-2016 Ha, Beigi; C, Christopoulos; Tj, Sullivan; Calvi, G
Current challenges and future trends in analytical fragility and vulnerability models 1-gen-2019 Silva, V.; Akkar, DEDE SINAN; Baker, J.; Bazzurro, P.; Castro, J. M.; Crowley, H.; Dolsek, M.; Galasso, Carmine; Lagomarsino, S.; Monteiro, R.; Perrone, D.; Pitilakis, K.; Vamvatsikos, D.
Development and application of FEMA P-58 compatible story loss functions 1-gen-2018 Papadopoulos, Athanasios N.; Vamvatsikos, Dimitrios; Kazantzi, Athanasia K.
Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Propped Rocking Walls 1-gen-2015 Nicknam, Afsoon; Filiatrault, A
Earthquakes, Records, and Nonlinear MDOF Responses 1-gen-1998 Bazzurro, P; Shome, N.; Cornell, C. A.; J. E., Carballo
Effect of elastomeric snubber properties on seismic response of vibration-isolated mechanical equipment: An experimental study 1-gen-2008 Fathali, Saeed; Filiatrault, A
Effects of Epistemic Uncertainty in Seismic Hazard Estimates on Building Portfolio Losses 1-gen-2018 Reddy Kotha, S; Bazzurro, P; Pagani, M
Evaluation of Nonlinear Static Procedures in the Assessment of Building Frames 1-gen-2013 Pinho, R; Marques, M; CARVALHO MONTEIRO, R; Casarotti, C; Delgado, R
Evaluation of Out-of-Plane Wall Anchorage Force Provisions in Buildings with Rigid Walls and Flexible Roof Diaphragms 1-gen-2017 Koliou, M; Lawson, J; Filiatrault, A; Kelly, Dj
Experimental Investigation on the Seismic Behavior of Palletized Merchandise in Steel Storage Racks 1-gen-2010 Sideris, Petros; Filiatrault, A; Leclerc, Martin; Tremblay, Robert
Experimental Seismic Fragility of Pressurized Fire Suppression Sprinkler Piping Joints 1-gen-2014 Tian, Yuan; Filiatrault, A; Mosqueda, Gilberto
Experimental seismic response of base isolated pallet-type steel storage racks 1-gen-2008 Filiatrault, A; Higgins, Ps; Wanitkorkul, A; Courtwright, Ja; Michael, R
Experimental seismic response of high-voltage transformer-bushing systems 1-gen-2005 Filiatrault, A; Matt, H
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 21 di 55
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