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The concept of bio-community: a simulation tool for integrated regional planning 1-gen-1988 Sarigiannis, D; Hadjiyannakis, C; Billa, E; Tsoutsos, Td; Koukios, Eg
Simulation models of biological pollutants flow: principles - constraints - applications 1-gen-1989 Sarigiannis, D; Hadjiyannakis, C; Billa, E; Koukios, Eg
Nuclear fusion and fission as CO2 abatement strategies: economic -safety -environmental considerations 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D
Dynamic simulation of tritium processing systems in magnetic fusion reactors 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D
The concept of bio-community-Part II: the role of non-linearities in regional bio-resources exploitation 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D; Billa, E; Hadjiyannakis, C; Koukios, Eg
Integrated large-scale biomass utilization: a systems approach 1-gen-1991 Hadjiyannakis, C; Sarigiannis, D; Billa, E; Tsilifonis, C; Tsoutsos, Td; Koukios, Eg
Social aspects of biomass use for development at the local level in the Mediterranean 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D
Assessment of environmental impacts of energy options : methodological problems 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D
TRITIUM SYSTEMS 1-gen-1991 Sarigiannis, D
INTEGRATED FUSION ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY SYSTEMS STUDIES 1-gen-1993 Ho, Sk; Annese, C; Fowler, Tk; Greenspan, E; Holdren, Jp; Levinson, R; Lowenthal, Md; Sarigiannis, D
Evaluation of the risk from fusion energy: a systems perspective 1-gen-1994 Volta, G; Sarigiannis, D
On the incorporation of environmental and safety concerns in the computer-aided synthesis of novel process systems 1-gen-1995 Sarigiannis, D
Energy conservation and economic development: new synergisms in the private sector 1-gen-1995 Sarigiannis, D; Andritsos, F
A new concept for risk-based technology development and regulation: areas of its applicability 1-gen-1995 Sarigiannis, D; Volta, G
Object-oriented database technology for renewable energy information processing 1-gen-1996 Sarigiannis, D
Ecological vulnerability analysis: towards a new paradigm for industrial development 1-gen-1996 Sarigiannis, D; Volta, G
Short term dynamics of the reaction between beryllium and steam on the PFCs coating of ITER 1-gen-1996 Sarigiannis, D; Andritsos, F
Stability of the Be-steam reaction and its impact on safety 1-gen-1996 Andritsos, F; Sarigiannis, D
Computer-aided design for environment in the process industries 1-gen-1996 Sarigiannis, D
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 248
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