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Aspettative semantiche e espressioni idiomatiche: aspetti psicolinguistici e evidenze elettrofisiologiche 1-gen-2008 Cacciari, C.; Vespignani, F.; Molinaro, N.; Fonda, S.; Canal, P.
What electrophysiology reveals about the comprehension of multiword expressions: from syntax to semantics 1-gen-2008 Cacciari, C.; Vespignani, F.; Molinaro, N.; Canal, P.; Fonda, S.
Cloze probability does not only affect N400 amplitude: The case of complex prepositions 1-gen-2008 Molinaro, N.; Vespignani, F.; Canal, P.; Fonda, S.; Cacciari, C.
Anticipatory mechanisms in idiom comprehension: psycholinguistic and electrophysiological evidence 1-gen-2010 Canal, P.; Vespignani, F.; Molinaro, N.; Cacciari, C.
Predictive mechanisms in idiom comprehension 1-gen-2010 Vespignani, F.; Canal, P.; Molinaro, N.; Fonda, S.; Cacciari, C.
Are complex function words processed as semantically empty strings? A reading time and ERP study of Collocational Complex Prepositions 1-gen-2013 Molinaro, N.; Canal, P; Vespignani, F.; Pesciarelli, F.; Cacciari, C.
Norms on the gender perception of role nouns in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Slovak 1-gen-2014 Misersky, ; Gygax, ; Canal, P; Gabriel, ;  garnham, ;  braun, ;  chiarini, ;  englund, ;  hanulikova, ;  öttl, ; Valdrova, ; Von, Stockhausen; Sczesny,
Intervention Effects in Wh-Islands: An Eye-Tracking Study 1-gen-2015 Sandra, Villata; Canal, Paolo; Julie, Franck; Moro, ANDREA CARLO; Chesi, C
Beyond gender stereotypes in language comprehension: self sex-role descriptions affect the brain’s potentials associated with agreement processing 1-gen-2015 Canal, P; Garnham, A; Oakhill, J.
Electrophysiological correlates of idiom comprehension: Semantic composition does not follow lexical retrieval 1-gen-2015 Canal, P.; Pesciarelli, F.; Vespignani, F.; Molinaro, N.; Cacciari, C.
Feature Retrieval Cost and on-line/off-line complexity in clefts 1-gen-2017 Chesi, C; Canal, Paolo
Presupposition of new information as a pragmatic garden path: Evidence from Event-Related Brain Potentials 1-gen-2017 Masia, V; Canal, P; Ricci, I; Lombardi Vallauri, E; Bambini, V
Basic Composition and Enriched Integration in Idiom Processing: An EEG Study 1-gen-2017 Canal, P; Pesciarelli, F; Vespignani, F; Molinaro, N; Cacciari, C.
The acceptability of person and number agreement/disagreement in Italian: an experimental study 1-gen-2018 Manchini, Simona; Canal, Paolo; Chesi, Cristiano
N400 and P600 modulation in presupposition accommodation: The effect of different trigger types 1-gen-2018 Domaneschi, F; Canal, Paolo; Masia, V; Lombardi Vallauri, E; Bambini, V
Expletive Negation: from syntax to eye-movements 1-gen-2019 Greco, MATTEO PAOLO; Canal, Paolo; Bambini, Valentina; Moro, ANDREA CARLO
Event‐Related Potentials in Monolingual and Bilingual Non‐literal Language Processing 1-gen-2019 Anna, Siyanova‐chanturia; Canal, Paolo; Heredia, Roberto R.
‘Honey, shall I change the baby? – Well done, choose another one’: ERP and time-frequency correlates of humor processing 1-gen-2019 Canal, P; Bischetti, L; Di Paola, S; Bertini, C; Ricci, I; Bambini, V
Person Features and Lexical Restrictions in Italian Clefts 1-gen-2019 Chesi, Cristiano; Canal, Paolo
Predicting intervention effects in clefts 1-gen-2019 Chesi, Cristiano; Canal, Paolo
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