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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A framework for the selection and ensemble development of flood vulnerability models 1-gen-2017 Figueiredo, R; Schröter, K; Kreibich, H; Martina, M
A new holistic approach to vulnerability assessment to natural hazards of socio-economic systems by means of Graph Theory 1-gen-2017 Arosio, M; Martina, M
A probabilistic strategy for parametric catastrophe insurance 1-gen-2017 Figueiredo, R; Martina, M; Stephenson, D; Youngman, B
A quantitative geomorphic analysis of the Monterey Canyon System. 1-gen-2008 Taramelli, Andrea; Andrea; Sorichetta, A. ; Seeber L. ; Aiello I.
Assessment of Deep Gravitational Slope Deformations (DSGSD) by a hierarchical approach using Landsat images types and SRTM data 1-gen-2005 Melelli, Laura; Taramelli, Andrea
Comparative analysis of precipitation data from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM, NASA) mission and a national rain gauge network: three case studies in Italy 1-gen-2017 Vecere, Annibale; Marsigli, C; Paccagnella, T; Martina, M; CARVALHO MONTEIRO, RICARDO NUNO
Comparison of a traditional with a new approach based on Graph Theory to vulnerability assessment to natural hazards: a study case on a socio-economic complex system 1-gen-2017 Marcello, A; Martina, M
Debris flows hazard mitigation: an example in the F. Menotre basin (central Italy) 1-gen-2003 Taramelli, Andrea; Melelli, Laura; Cattuto, Carlo; Gregori, Lucilia
Spatial modelling of slide phenomena integrating multitemporal remote sensing and GIS to terrain stability mapping. 1-gen-2007 Melelli, Laura; Taramelli, Andrea
Spatial modelling of the morphometric parameters on Deep Gravitational Slope Deformations (DSGSD) in the Piemonte region (Italy) 1-gen-2006 Melelli, Laura; Taramelli, Andrea; Alberto, W.
Tectonics from topography: surface flow patterns and their correlation with active normal faults geometry in the northern Apennines 1-gen-2007 Mirabella, Francesco; Taramelli, Andrea; Melelli, Laura; Barchi, Massimiliano Rinaldo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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