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Probabilistic Seismic Risk Assessment for Albania, Macedonia, and Serbia 1-gen-2013 Gomez, I; Galasso, C; Gupta, A; Bazzurro, P
Probabilistic demand and fragility assessment of welded column splices in steel moment frames 1-gen-2015 Galasso, Carmine; Stillmaker, Kimberly; Eltit, Christian; Kanvinde, Amit
FRACAS: A capacity spectrum approach for seismic fragility assessment including record-to-record variability 1-gen-2016 Rossetto, Tiziana; Gehl, Pierre; Minas, Stylianos; Galasso, Carmine; Duffour, Philippe; Douglas, John; Cook, Oliver
Fracture Mechanics-Based Design of Column Splices with Partial Joint Penetration Welds 1-gen-2016 Stillmaker, Kimberly; Kanvinde, Amit; Galasso, Carmine
Collapse risk and residual drift performance of steel buildings using post-tensioned MRFs and viscous dampers in near-fault regions 1-gen-2016 Tzimas, A. S.; Kamaris, G. S.; Karavasilis, T. L.; Galasso, C.
Column splice fracture effects on the seismic performance of steel moment frames 1-gen-2017 Stillmaker, Kimberly; Lao, Xai; Galasso, Carmine; Kanvinde, Amit
RC infilled building performance against the evidence of the 2016 EEFIT Central Italy post-earthquake reconnaissance mission: empirical fragilities and comparison with the FAST method 1-gen-2017 De Luca, Flavia; Woods, Gregory E. D.; Galasso, Carmine; D’Ayala, Dina
Variable Fault Geometry Suggests Detailed Fault‐Slip‐Rate Profiles and Geometries Are Needed for Fault‐Based Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) 1-gen-2018 Faure Walker, J. P.; Visini, F.; Roberts, G.; Galasso, C.; McCaffrey, K.; Mildon, Z.
Hazard-compatible modification of stochastic ground motion models 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Taflanidis, Alexandros A.; Galasso, Carmine
Information theory measures for the engineering validation of ground-motion simulations 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Galasso, Carmine
Fragility Curves for Assessing the Resilience of Electricity Networks Constructed from an Extensive Fault Database 1-gen-2018 Dunn, Sarah; Wilkinson, Sean; Alderson, David; Fowler, Hayley; Galasso, Carmine
Modification of stochastic ground motion models for matching target intensity measures 1-gen-2018 Tsioulou, Alexandra; Taflanidis, Alexandros A.; Galasso, Carmine
Implementing probabilistic multi-hazard risk modelling: earthquakes and floods in the Middle East 1-gen-2019 AL DABBEEK, Jamal; Vitor, Silva; Galasso, Carmine; Smith, Andrew
Vulnerability of case-study reinforced concrete frames to mainshock-aftershock sequences 1-gen-2019 Aljawhari, KARIM ABDELHAKIM WAHID; Freddi, Fabio; Galasso, Carmine
Impact of time-dependent hazard modelling on portfolio loss assessment 1-gen-2019 Fortuno, Catalina; Galasso, Carmine; Polidoro, Barbara; Villani, Manuela; Iacoletti, Salvatore
Gaussian process regression for seismic fragility assessment of building portfolios 1-gen-2019 Gentile, Roberto; Galasso, Carmine
The CHeRiSH project: towards a multilevel, multi-hazard risk assessment framework for cultural heritage assets in the Philippines 1-gen-2019 Sevieri, Giacomo; Di Stasio, Sabrina; O’Sullivan, Kieran; Galasso, Carmine
Assessing offshore wind turbine risk using advanced simulation and machine learning 1-gen-2019 Wilkie, David; Galasso, Carmine
Toward near real-time flood impact estimation in developing countries: damage index definition 1-gen-2019 Vecere, Annibale; Martina, MARIO LLOYD VIRGILIO; Ricardo, Monteiro; Galasso, Carmine
Toward near real-time flood loss estimation: model structure and data requirements 1-gen-2019 Vecere, A.; Martina, M.; Carvalho Monteiro, R; Galasso, C.
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